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  SRQ 11/23/15: It is less than a year until we elect a new president. Add to that two more months before we say adieu to Barack Obama - the worst, most inept, most incompetent, and reprehensible president our country has elected. Fact is, he is wantonly trying to humble this country through implmentation of his plan to "Fundamentally Transform the United States of America".

Obama sill has more than a year to do some serious damage and he will. The most recent event is the Syrian refugee situation and his laissez-faire attitude. But those in the know are fearing his use of the old cliche, "never let a crisis go to waste". It could be a be newly created racial event spurred on by Obama's, true to form, lack of leadership along with his behind the scene closest leftest buddies. It could start as an incidental event with little or no mainstream press coverage before it erupts elsewhere. It could be initiated by the remnants of the old "Occupy" group / "Black Lives" and with the likes of Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, even Louis Farrakhan all playing a roll behind the scenes. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?
Well, it could be a long over due terrorist attack of some type, not unlike what we have seen in Paris recently. But more likely, it could be the overdue collapse of the American Banking system, triggered by one of the preceding man made events. Banking collapse could begin globally, with the resultant chaos stirred up here by the aforementioned. Add to that, the George Soros funded group "America Coming Together" (ACT) which is supported heavily by "Service Employees International Union" SEIU. So be aware and alert. It's not beneath Obama to use any excuse for postponing the election even the instituting of martial law, (trying) to confiscate our firearms and taking control of the internet. (Paris / Belgium come to mind?) The latter sounds extreme, we know, just the same, "PREPARE".

Spreading the word of this very real eventuality could help prevent Obama's plans from happening as his excuses will no longer be valid. In the meantime, we will be submitting the Logo at the left to a multitude of conservative blogs and political media for their use but We need your help too. Simply drag the small logo off this page and to your desktop, then drag (attach) it to all your e-mail to friends.

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